Welcome to Paradise Art Center’s online shop! Our Art Center has been serving the wider Paradise community for over fifty years, supporting local artists and promoting visual arts. Please visit our website for more information about the Paradise Art Center.

Paradise Art CenterParadise Art Center is proud to be partnering with Shane Grammer in selling t-shirts and other items with images of his iconic murals which were painted on many burned out structures in Paradise in the Camp Fire in November, 2018. As a way of supporting the arts in our community, Shane Grammer has made Paradise Art Center an exclusive outlet for this mural merchandise, splitting the profits with the Center equally. Many thanks to Shane Grammer for his generosity.

Most of the murals no longer exist... they were always meant to be temporary... but the Art Center can play a part in keeping their memory alive through the sale of this popular merchandise. This merchandise is available at Paradise Art enter, 5564 Almond Street, Paradise, CA 95969 or on-line.

Proceeds from these sales benefit Paradise Art Center and help us support our local artists.

Like many non-profit orginations, Paradise Art Center is run and maintained by volunteers. Our membership dues pay for most of our expenses, such as utility bills, insurance, general maintenance, cleaning service, and kiln maintenance. If you would like to donate to the Art Center, you are invited to do so through PayPal. Contributions are tax deductible and you have the option of continuing support through ongoing donations.

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