About the Artists

Kathleen Dysert

Kathy Dysert is a retired school administrator from Mendocino, now residing in Paradise, California. Although she never had any drawing or painting instruction until she was in her 50’s, she was exposed to the arts by an aunt and uncle with whom she lived when attending high school in Washington, D.C. The National Gallery was one of her favorite places to spend a weekend day. Kathy started painting in acrylic, after taking decorative painting classes in Willits, CA. After retiring to Paradise, she joined the Paradise Art Center and became interested in watercolor and colored pencil. Kathy became a Board member approximately 6 years ago and is currently serving as the President.

Joanne Graham

I have been a full-time professional artist for over 35 years, residing in Chico and Paradise for the majority of that time. I travel to different shows and exhibitions selling my work in many different states throughout the U.S. It has been a completely enjoyable opportunity for me to make my living selling the work I love to create. I do feel blessed.

Pastels are the only medium that I work with and so I feel confident that I know them very well. When I teach, I make it clear that I am teaching what I know....and the subjects that I know best...animals.

Shane Grammer

Shane Grammer is a modern inspired artist whose work spans a variety of mediums with a focus on painting, illustration, sculpture and art installations. Shane currently is a Sr. Creative Director in the theme park industry. Shane has art directed, managed and led small to large teams through conceptual design, fabrication, and installation on projects all over the world. Walt Disney Imagineering has employed Shane’s skills as a master sculptor and creative visionary when they appointed him as Senior Dimensional Designer on a project for Shanghai Disney. His work can also be found throughout cities in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Cambodia, South Korea, and Dubai.

For more information about the artist, please visit his website.

Cathy Hales

When I was young, I was fortunate to have an artistic family, from Grandmother, cousins, aunts, uncles, and mother. I enjoyed making art and doing crafts. I remember doing paint by numbers, not the best way to learn but it was fun.

I had art classes in the 8th and 9th grade which is when I fell in love with watercolor. As time passed I had college, marriage, family and work. I taught in elementary and middle schools. It wasn’t until I retired that I was able to pursue art. I had classes with local artists and at the Paradise Art Center. I have done ceramics, drawing, colored pencil, alcohol inks, and watercolor, which is my favorite. I hope you enjoy my paintings.

Cathryn Hudin

After one ceramics class in college, Cathryn Hudin knew she would be doing clay work for the rest of her life. She finished her Art/Ceramics degree and set up a studio in her house. She has been working in pottery ever since. Along the way she taught Ceramics at Butte College starting in 1975, and at the Paradise Art Center from 1980 to the present. She was an artist-in-schools for ten years and is a member of seven art groups. Cathryn says that clay work has sustained her and has kept her grounded for over fifty years.

Susan Kincaid

Susan Kincaid arrived in Paradise to be close to family in 2008. Susan prefers watercolors painting but does crossover into acrylics & colored pencil as well. She had been a Childrens' Art teacher and member of the Sacramento Fine Arts Center for many years as well as serving on the Board of Directors; President 1999-2000. Susan says "My love for watercolors began with a class of sketching / painting and learning the basics of color, value & mixing, composition and the joy of experiencing one's own talent. It is important to remember everyone's art works are unique to their specific talent and worthy of appreciation to the viewers. I believe everyone who chooses to get into any medium of art can do it!"

Susan became a summer Childrens' Art teacher at the Paradise Park & Recreation Center during school vacations with elementary level students for 5 years before the Camp Fire. Her only remaining painting of the "Honey Run Bridge" is owned by Mike Ramsey, District Attorney, Chico, CA

Meghan Turner

Meghan Irene Turner is a freelance artist, currently living in Chico, Ca. Though originally from Rancho Cucamonga, Ca., Meghan moved to Paradise thirteen years ago and has since become enamored with the landscape and community here on “The Ridge.” Though not formally trained in art, Meghan began writing poetry when she was in high school and illustrating to accompany her poetry more recently. Using primarily digital canvases to do her original works, she also uses watercolor and acrylic as well. When asked about her artwork style, which lends itself to be more abstract and contemporary line art in genre, she argues that “The muses often come to me in both color and lines, as much as in word. Therefore, I draw so that I may write something about it, and I write so that my thoughts can be seen in color.” Featured in several local art showings and online galleries, Chico State’s Watershed Literary Journal, in Dolores Mitchell’s “Art Talk” monthly newsletter, and selling work here in Butte County, Meghan’s work is inspired by all that surrounds her. It has always been her mission not to simply create, but to recognize art in all things and to honor it through her work.

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