Support the Center

Ways to Support the Art Center

Like many non-profit orginations, Paradise Art Center is run and maintained by volunteers. Our membership dues and a percentage of the proceeds from sales on this site pay for most of our expenses, such as utility bills, insurance, general maintenance, cleaning service, and kiln maintenance. Sometimes we are faced with unexpected expenses or costly repairs as was the case after the Camp Fire in 2018.

If you would like to donate to the Art Center, you are invited to do so through PayPal. Contributions are tax deductible and you have the option of continuing support through ongoing donations as a Sustaining Supporter. You can choose a specific amount or enter any amount you would like to contribute.

Become a Sustaining Supporter

If choose to become sustaining supporter of Paradise Art Center it's easy to do so with an automatic monthly donation from your credit card. Please check the "Make this a monthly donation" box on the Paypal Donation box that will be presented when you click the Donate button below. This will set up regular monthly donations.

Everyone at the Art Center is most appreciative and grateful for your help in maintaining the center and enabling us to be a valuable resource for our community. Thank you!